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The Love Grid (Love Matrix)

First of all, it is important to understand that Divine Unconditional Love is an ENERGY, a pure energy that is the building block of all that is.  It is not an EMOTION, though we generally associate it with emotions.

Module: Earth Love Grid RepairThe Love Grid (Love Matrix) forms a circulatory system, for and through the Earth, to replenish the Earth—to allow her to regenerate, to rejuvenate and to rebuild herself.  Every being—every living entity on this planet is connected to the Love Grid.

In the past, human connections to this grid were not very strong.  But as Earth was reconnected to the Galactic Grids at the time of the Harmonic Convergence (1987), human connections to this grid have also become strengthened.  A human-being’s Life-force is a stepped down version of the regenerative power of Divine Unconditional Love.

Many human-beings from all walks of life, faith and beliefs, all around the Earth, are discovering that their energies are low:  They are not recuperating as fast as they used to from exertion or illnesses and in addition feel quite hollow, lacking and at times just plain empty.  For example, you eat but are not replenished—and not just from the eating de-natured, industrially processed foods, either.

This is a sign.

  1. Your connections to the Love Grid are probably not strong enough or there are problems.
  2. Your Love Quotient is low.

The Love Quotient, just like the Light Quotient and Life-force Quotient, is the amount of Love / Light / Life-force that your specific body contains—is able to hold and use.  A normal percentage rate starts with at least 50% and extends upwards.  If lower than 50% the bodies—emotionalmental, spiritual—do not have enough to work with to maintain the ‘Balance and harmony that is Health‘ and you lose your sense of vitality.

Maintaining optimal connections to the Love Grid is essential, as our bodies are now in a transitional state of conversion: going from Life-force power to the much higher octane of pure Love power (a new hybrid model).

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Earth Love Grid Repair
( M+ Module )

  • Tracks and repairs all damages to any of your bodies, caused by disruptions in your bodies’ connections to Earth’s Love Grid.
  • Repairs all damages to your connections to Earth’s Love Grid.
  • Automatically activates whenever disruptions in the Earth’s Love Grid connections to any and all bodies occur.

$ 40.–

Price includes download, installation and activation of this module.
All Earth Grid modules include from between 38 & up to 56 tasks.
Appointments available by telephone / skype

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