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Soul Contract Addendum Changes | Book 2

Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path

– Book 2 –

Soul Contract Addendum Changes

Book 2:  Soul Contract Addendum Changes

A How-To Manual on Making Changes to Your Soul Contract

Third Edition – October 2012

The contents of this manual came into being back around the time of the millennium. At that time Lightworkers were the ones most deeply involved with making Soul Contract Addendum Changes. However and since then, the information contained in the addendums in this manual are pertinent to all peoples living all across the Earth. And with the planetary alignments in 2012 and upon entering into the Age of Aquarius, it is truly time for everyman to become the awakened, liberated, fully conscious, Enlightened One!

In the beginning before we incarnated, we sat down with our Soul Contract Review Board to write down in our Soul Contract what issues, themes, lessons and experiences we wanted to have in this incarnation. Then, when we finished the incarnation, we went Home.

After a while of rest and relaxation, we would decide that it was time to go for another round…

We sat down with our Soul Contract Review Board to write down in our new Soul Contract what new issues, themes, lessons and experiences we wanted in this next life. When they asked us what we wanted to do about the uncompleted lessons and leftover odds-&-ends that we had not finished in our last incarnation—and being Home where everything is in a state of Perfection—we said, still feeling great from our R-&-R:

Just leave it in. I’ll take care of it—piece of cake!

This is where the problems begin!

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Each time we incarnate, we receive a new body (our hardware) and we write down and agree on a new Soul Contract (our software).

And by following this analogy even further, our computer’s hardware is loaded with programs, each of which is designed to carry out certain functions; but over time (incarnations), we are constantly adding, updating and deleting various software programs (soul contracts items). We even add old software to new hardware, operating alongside much newer software, which can lead to interesting but frustrating glitches, problems and conflicts between the different software programs and hardware.

For your Soul Contract, multiply this same process by how many incarnations you have had, and you will understand that there are now too many conflicts within your Soul Contract, especially for those old souls, who have been here forever.

It is a special dispensation at this time for us to be able to make Soul Contract Changes while still within an incarnation. This was not possible in the past!

In the past we could add items into our Soul Contract, but only when we were Home and just before we started out in a new incarnation could we remove and delete items!

We can tell that someone is experiencing Soul Contract conflicts when they work on their stuff over and over again, from every available angle, but cannot seem to get rid of it; or the changes that are made never seem to last and then come back, again and again.

When you make changes to your Soul Contract, everything shifts for you in that area of change. The conflicting issue usually shows up one more time for you to work through. Though this time, once you have worked through it, it is done!

This does not mean that you will be absolutely free, without issues or problems in your life. It simply means that when an issue comes up, you will be able to deal with it and release it—mastering it—without getting caught up in an endless loop of working your stuff.

The changes, when they manifest, are very deep, profound and life-changing: Often manifesting in surprising and unexpected ways. The time it takes to manifest changes can range from instantaneously completed to still on-going.

From the people that have done these processes of Soul Contract changes, I have received really good responses. So, just following the directions outlined on the instructions page, and use my templates as a guideline.

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