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The Power of Inner Connection | 2014 Summit

Discover How You Can Turn On Your Inner Power and Gifts, Find Your Inner Genius, and Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

When we move into awakening – which brings greater awareness and connection – we move out of suffering and pain more quickly – and return to being creators of our harmonious present and future.


This July, I’m excited to be a guest speaker as part of special summit – alongside 20 other experts who are sharing their methods to leading an awakened life.

Introducing the Power of Inner Connection – Hosted by Julia Griffin
The 21-day event begins on July 7th, and it is FREE!

Power of Inner Connection
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Julia Griffin has an unusual story that led to her own awakened life. It all began when she dreamed of a white wolf with startling blue eyes, howling at her window. It wasn’t long before she found herself with real wolves, and realized she had a special gift for communicating with animals. The beautiful souls of these wolves taught her to return to the ancient wisdom. They helped her connect to her own soul – and to envision a world where everyone lives on a higher vibration.

No matter where you are on your soul’s journey – it’s time to step into a world of higher thoughts, feelings and dreams.

The 21 days of the summit are full of enlightened stories that will teach you how to create more prosperity, move through emotions, identify moments of awakening, develop your intuition, and have a happier life. You will leave with tips to improve your day-to-day life such as creating change by envisioning life differently, speaking more positively, hearing your inner voice—and much more.

When you can see, feel and envision your future…when you can visualize a light-filled presentthe Power of Inner Connection Summit will help you send anxiety into the past.

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Learn how these experts tapped into their inner connection to find their power and gifts:

Li Lan Chan. Katana Abbott. Jean Adrienne. Simran Singh. Julie Ann Turner. Lisa Tener. Lama Tantrapa. Burge Smith-Lyons. Cara Bradley. Mark Borax. Cynthia Segal. Anyaa McAndrew. Ellen Franklin. Donna Carey. Carol Gurney. Emmanuel. Monica Strobel. Lucia Rene. Joshua Bloom. Trudy Griswold. Jennifer Hoffman. Shiela Baker. Karen Atkins. Trisha McCannon. Rhonda Smith.

Learn how to discern and activate awakening, how to develop connection with life and the higher self and a whole new way of envisioning and creating the life you desire.

Here are just some of the inspiring topics:
• Prosperity
• The impact of the past and future
• Physical healing through inner connection
• Stepping into the unknown through passion and bravery
• Turning on your inner genius and creativity
• Tibetan Dream Yoga
• Soul astrology
• Shamanism and awakening
• The power of sound (Acutonics)
• Animal communication

Julia GriffinWhen the wolves found Julia Griffin, they taught her how to use the power of inner connection to find her gifts and take a step on to the path of awakening.

Take a step toward finding your own answers.
Take a step toward finding greater connection and joy – in every moment.

Join us. 

Love & Blessings
Li Lan