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Divine Mothers

This picture embodies so much of how it feels when I join my Divine Mothers Group every night…I join in consciously before my sleep time and continue into my sleep…Many come and go but the Group remains…constantly sending out Divine Unconditional Love, Divine Mother’s Frequency…join us if you can/will…You can focus specifically on a certain place where you feel need more (Haiti maybe, or Iraq, or Ruanda…), or wherever on Earth you are drawn to… You can join in anytime for as long as you want and leave whenever you are done/ complete as you want…The only thing we ask is that you do your cleansing practices first – then center your heart in Divine Unconditional Love.#

You can use this picture as a focus and see yourself gently entering the circle. Allow the flow of pure Divine Unconditional from your heart to join the group, directing the flow from your heart with your hands to the earth…

You are welcome to join us at anytime!
We look forward to seeing you in the Circle!

Picture By Bruce Harman – Click on Angels Gallery