You are currently viewing A Lesson In Time #2 ~ Dimensions of Multidimensionality- a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

A Lesson In Time #2 ~ Dimensions of Multidimensionality- a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

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A Lesson In Time #2 ~ Dimensions of Multidimensionality- a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

Elrah steps in . . .:

Oh, there you are!

You did not think I was coming in but I am Elrah and I am here. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I cannot sit down, I have to stand up. Okay. I will even fix the jacket for the Keeper because he likes his jacket. Does he not look good in a jacket? Does it look good? Welcome everybody. We mess with you camera guys. You were not expecting this, were you? Well, I play the human really well and I come around and do all kinds of fun things. I am here to talk to you before the Time Keeper comes in because he is my brother, you know, and we talk all the time. We have no problems between us, because we have no egos. I am trying to pretend I have an ego and I am doing a pretty good job so far, but it is just a pretend game because I do not care if I am talking through him or if we are talking through me. It does not make any difference because we are all part of each other, kind of the same way that you are. You are starting to see that more and more, but in the days ahead you are going to see quite a bit of difference. I am going to tell you a little bit about what is taking place right now.

You have a vortex that is forming and it is becoming very interesting. Did you ever look at the toilet when you flush it and you see the water swirl going down? That is a vortex. Yep. You do not have them everywhere just here in the United States. In Europe, they do not do the same thing. Anyway, if you look at a vortex it is only half of the picture because that is all that is visible. There is always an energetic duplicate to the vortex, so even though you are only seeing half of it there is a whole piece of it you do not see. You have just entered a time vortex which the Time Keeper is going to explain to you. However, I want to share the concept with you first because you have already stepped into it. Boy, when we say you have stepped into it, you really stepped into it this time. Here is what is taking place. You are entering a new world. Oh, we got you on that one, did we not? You were not expecting that but you have been planning on it for so long – even the Mayans knew it was coming. You stepped into the middle of this, yet that transition from here to over there is a big step and very scary for a lot of humans. So, we started a human wave for you to move and open up the vortex. Now what is happening is that the vortex is becoming complete. You have one side of it that attracts the energetics from the other side, then when all that starts moving it turns into a portal. You ask, “A portal to what?” Well, a portal to the new world that you are talking about, the wonderful place that you call Home. I call it Home with a capital H because that is where I am from, and that is where you are all from as well. You have been dancing throughout the universe in many different ways and here you are landing on Earth just in time to watch yourself go through this portal.

Most of you have been working all of your lives trying to reach this place where you could actually ascend without having to go Home and change those bodies. This way you stay right here, make a big move and start the new world. Well, here you go. You have stepped into it now, the first part of the vortex. Have you felt time compressing around you? It is like, “All of a sudden, I do not know what has happened today but it is already gone. It flew by.” You are going to find time compressing even more over the next few months, so just relax with it and do not worry for it is going to work out well. The Keeper of Time will tell you more about that. You have stepped into this big wave of 12-12-12, which is coming along to help push you through the vortex. It will take both parts of the vortex to turn into the complete portal that you have been looking for. This is taking place now because you created it. There are no alignments or grand predictions, such as the Mayan ending of the calendar. This is a man-made wave that you have created yourselvesthat you can actually go through, which will help you at your critical times. Very beautiful. Nice work. You have done well here, which is going to take you to the next place.. So, what about the magical date, December 21st?Yeah, you know about it because it is when someone stops telling you what is going to happen and you will decide what happens from that point on. Nobody has made predictions that far ahead, so you are going to create it on your own every second of every day with no problem at all. This is going to be your job and what you are going to be working with.

So, along comes the 12-12-12 which builds up the energy to push you through and make it past the 21st of December and all the way into mid-January, because that is when the portal is going to deliver you on the other side. You are just going to show up here and realize everything is different. All of a sudden you wake up and go, “Okay, we are in a new world. What can we do now?” You are going to start seeing that it is more like Home than the Earth you knew. It is much more like Home, because when you simply think of something it starts to manifest right in front of you. When you are Home with a capital “H” you just think of something and it is right there. You do the same thing here but you deal with a time lag because nothing is instantaneous. Well, now you will find that quite different. You will see lots of possibilities for starting to use the creative abilities that you have always had at Home. Now the Keeper is getting a little bit dizzy, so I am going to put the body back down on the chair. Here we go, much better. I will let the Time Keeper come in now.

Your Story” Inside of a Time Imprint

I am here with you this day to share some concepts you were not able to understand only a short time ago. Now there are new parts of the time element that we are starting to introduce to Earth. Last month I explained some very important elements that everyone must understand to really grasp time in the future. One of them is the circular time concept. Very simply it means that you are in the present , but believe you have a future and a past which are tied together as one. Everything that rolls from your present off into what you call the past, will also very soon become the energy of your future. Therefore, being able to solidly experience time in that moment leaves the path clear for your future, becoming what I have called the time imprint – like a footprint in the snow. Your imprint on the fabric of time leaves an imprint behind you that is actually your story and what you have become. This time imprint can only be experienced in the moment because it is truly now time – there is no future, no past. You will have to learn how to squeeze everything out of that moment. You are doing well with that, and now I would like to share something further with you . You are evolving with humans, your own energy field is changing, and your physical body is starting to adapt. You are finding lots of openings to experience life in a totally different way as a creator, the creator which we told you that you always were. Yes, you are god and you said, “Oh no. Not me.” Well, yes you are. “Oh, well I must be a small part of god for there are many gods here.” Yes, but you also hold the entire essence of god within you. Now what is taking place is that the blinders are coming off. Wewill show you who you are as you step into this new world. Your own thoughts will create every moment of your experience, for this is what you have asked for. This is what you have created, and we are so incredibly proud to see what you have done here in such a short time.

So, let me explain further. Now it is going to be important that you understand more about multidimensionality.. The Keeper himself has had a question about this, as I have been giving information through him for quite some time about multidimensionality; he was concerned for it did not always seem to fit into other people’s teachings of multidimensionality. Now we will start to show you some of the connection points, because you are starting to experience things from a totally different perspective. First, let us explain one concept of multidimensionality that many understand. It is a very simple answer to the question, “Where are you.” Are you in the third dimension? Are you working within the fourth dimension? Are you living most of the time within the fifth dimension? There are people who have actually gone through the fourth dimension to get to this fifth dimension much the way they have gone through the second dimension to get to the third. There is almost a pathway through, but we also caution you here to say that after the sixth dimension the method of counting changes. Where are you, and where are you existing? Well, that will be determined by your own individual vibration. Exactly where you are this moment is also determined by those around you, at least those that have a big influence on you. You choose your friends for this reason, for many of them are there to help you move forward or sometimes to help detour you. You have chosen them very clearly for this reason, so know that you are starting to see this in a totally new way. That is one description of multidimensionality – which dimension are you living in? We have told you of this before and even given the Keeper an entire seminar called, Living in the Fifth Dimension. In that seminar he simply showed people what it would be like to not have the constraints of the third dimension and to be able to see things from a totally different perspective, living in full power of yourselves which is truly what the word power means. That is one description.

For the very longest time we have also been giving the Keeper a totally different description of multidimensionality. In the very beginning of time you had no need for the dimensions you pull in now. Originally Earth was very hot and still forming, not the settled and beautiful place that has turned into the garden of the universe. Originally Earth was simply a hot rock sitting out here, floating around as it started to cool. You did not need the physical body then, so you simply shined your light. This is where the word light body came from, for you envisioned yourself being on this planet in these ethereal bodies and it did not matter that Earth was extremely hot. With the ethereal bodies of just light you danced on this Earth in a singular dimensional expression of spirit. You loved it and nurtured her along to the point where she started to cool. She started to gain density and her vibration began to lower as she cooled.

Yes, today you believe that lower vibration is bad and higher vibration is good, but we tell you it is only in reference to what you are looking at. In those days, the cooling and the actual gaining density and lowering her vibration were advancements. However, your light could not shine the same way as it does now for it was entering a dense planet. This beautiful light, which each one of you carries, is your own light from Home. It is your purpose and integrity; it is everything in your meaning and your passion all wrapped up in one. When suddenly your light came into contact with this dense planet, the light crystallized and had to take a new form in order to exist on this cooling, dense planet. It was then that this beautiful crystal formed and the crystal shot that ray of light and broke it up into 11 different rays of light. The 11 different rays are your 11 different dimensions that you live in simultaneously. Yes, this is quite a different description of multidimensionality than we shared in the earlier example. Let us explain the rest of this.

We believe that humanity is at a stage where you can start to see all of this and hold all of the truths within your own being. As this beautiful light from Home arrives and hits this beautiful crystal, it splits off much like a prism taking a piece of light and dividing it into a beautiful rainbow of imperfect light. It divides you into 11 different dimensions. Now yes, there are some guidelines. Every time we speak to you about rules on planet Earth, you turn around and break them, so we will simply say there are guidelines. Humans love to break rules. It is part of what you have done so well and the reason we are here.

Distributing Imperfections and Bleed-through

So, here is what takes place. When you are born into this Earth, all 11 dimensions come in at once. The crystal that divided you is the 12th dimension, which we call your Higher Self. This is the part that remains outside of your physicality but keeps you connected to Home all the time. It connects you not just to Home, but also to the other 11 dimensions. Home is perfect always. There is no imperfection up here. But if you cross that line and gain density, everything here must be imperfect in some way in order to exist. It is part of the guidelines that you have set up to learn how to play god on planet Earth. To make this beautiful, a perfect ray of light hits this prism and it dances, distributing imperfections or seeming imperfections into each one of these beams. How does it do that? Well, you are perfectly balanced in all areas. You are a being of light. You are not imperfect in any way, even though you believe you are here to learn certain things and to improve yourself constantly. We encourage you to go after that, for it is exactly where you are going – Home – and that is how you are building Home right here. When your light hits that crystal, your perfections are distributed unequally. In other words, one of your beings is really good at something over here and another being over there really is terrible at that same attribute. It is distributed in many different ways, so the perfect being is all 12 of you and the imperfect being is any one individual. Now, as you have been advancing all along, you have started to lower the walls between the dimensions. Even today you have something called bleedthrough where you feel something especially on an emotional level, or you have what you call a bad day where you cannot simply stop crying and you do not know why. It is actually not you, for it is the dimension right next to you that is bleeding through partly. You are starting to feel all sorts of things that are not from your origin and it is very confusing for most of you.

As those walls start to lower, you can gain information from the perfect parts of you that you are missing. In other words, every one of your 12 dimensions starts to become more whole within itself. If you were to say that this person here is working with four of her beings in other areas and trying to balance those four beings, then she is living in the fourth dimension. If she is working with six of those beings, which is very difficult to do at this point (five is the most you can work with at the moment) then she would actually be living in the sixth dimension and for this reason. These actually coincide in ways you could not see previously. Now does that mean you can count all of your dimensions? No, what we tell you is that as you are striving toward perfection, you are creating it. It is working. You are balancing yourself. All of your self-regulating systems for knowledge are now kicking in, similarly to the way things work at Home with a capital “H.” What is taking place is that more and more people are now living in the fifth dimension in this way and showing you what is taking place. Even your sciences do not call it the universe any more, they call it the multiverse because it makes sense for them. This is the only part of the string theory and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can actually come together and support each other. It is happening right here, for you are changing much of what you have previously known as your truths. You are starting to step through this portal that you have created yourselves.

(The Keeper of Time stopped talking for a moment as off camera the stage manager did her job of flashing the time remaining in this segment. He responded to her.)

Oh, you are giving me the time! That is so cute! I am the Keeper of Time and you are giving me the time. Not only that, but I must look at all of these clocks. This is so wonderful to be here on Earth. I have never dreamt of that. The beautiful lady holding up the time telling me how much time I have. Oh, that is great. I must tell Elrah about that. Now what was I saying before I was so rudely interrupted…oh, we have embarrassed her now.

The Portal

You stepped into the portal and you are going to find your own experience of time starting to shift especially during the next months. There will be three months of compressed time that have already begun. It is a wonderful way to go through a portal, now here is what we highly suggest. If you look back at your own history, you can re-member exactly where you were in that moment that you first learned of this. You can re-member a time signature, an exact imprint of the smells in the air, what your feelings were, and even what you wore. That is about to happen here on the 12-12-12, for it is a time that you have created your magic to come to Earth. Now it is arriving in all sorts of ways, but it is up to you to find the final destination and the uses of this energy. We tell you, dear ones, that you are magic beyond your understanding and if you will tap into that and act accordingly, act responsibly with your magic – of course you would. But use it and stop being afraid of your gifts. Now is the time to harmonize yourselves, for you stepped through this creation portal that you have created and you are building a new world, one that will work with a different set of physics than before. The transition between these worlds would have been tremendously difficult, but you have already been preparing for it. You have already made more than ne-third of the steps needed to reach this new world. Yes, we have been telling you it has been coming. Now here it is, right in front of you. We hope, dear ones, that you will open your eyes every morning and look for the miracles of the new day. We hope that you expect more from yourself tomorrow than you expect from yourself today. We know that you are so full of love, and all it is going to take is for you to start sharing that love with each other, for no one is on this path alone and none of you are originally from Earth. You have all started throughout many quadrants of the universe for you, dear ones, are the troubleshooters that were needed to be in a very critical place.

Human Rights Return to Earth

Last month when I spoke to you, at the end of the message I shared I told you that this group of very special beings is back together on Earth and you are a very large group: You transverse the universe. You transverse the entire Earth with your numbers, but you are also a very focused and specialized group of beings. The last time that you have been together was almost 800 years ago at the signing of something called the Magna Carta. Very beautiful. It was the first human rights legislation you ever had on planet Earth. Now, why would you need to know that? Well, it was not so much that your names were on the Magna Carta, but there was an energy needed toward human rights and looking toward humans as empowered beings. It was necessary to build a critical mass of people on Earth that would support that, and it ended up in the signing of the Magna Carta. Well, here you are back again. You have already changed laws; you have already changed several of them even in the recent election here in the United States. Are you ready to take your power, dear ones? There is a massive group of very powerful beings here that are ready to give you back your power. All it takes is for you to hold it and to find the uses for it in your own world.

It is with the greatest of honor that Elrah and I greet you as singularities of the group for we are truly inseparable, even with the Keeper himself who loves to keep us separate. We tell you we could not be prouder to see not what we want, but what you have created here on this Earth. If nothing more, celebrate that and the magical dates that are coming up, the 12-12-12, December 21st and even December 31st, because theyare very magical and critical parts for each one of you. What do we ask you to do? It is something very important. Celebrate! Make a noise! Let yourself be heard. Sing out loud, dance in the dark with your eyes closed. Celebrate in any way that you can, for you have made it on this human side and you are carrying that energy from Home within your physical beings. That celebration creates the vibrations of Home. Re-member if we find you getting too serious, we will tickle your funny bone to remind you that it is a game and you are supposed to be having fun. Now we will end this channel, as the Keeper calls it, and let him take care of his red nose and his ailing body, but he will be fine. He simply had to slow down a bit and we took care of that.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you this way and ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another every chance you get. Play well together. I am the Keeper of Time.


The group

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